Final Instance variables

18 January 2012 By Nithya Vasudevan 1,021 views One Comment
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  • It should be assigned only once before constructor exits. i.e.) Assigned
    • during declaration (compile time constant)
    • inside constructor
    • inside initialization block
  • The value of a final instance variable is not necessarily known at the compile time i.e.) during declaration. This is known as blank final field which must be initialized before constructor exits.
class Car
	final int NO_OF_WHEELS = 4; //Compile time constant
	final double MAX_SPEED; //Blank final instance variable
	final double MIN_SPEED; //Blank final instance variable
	//initialization block
		MIN_SPEED = 0; //mph
		MAX_SPEED = 200; //mph
  • Final variable, NO_OF_WHEELS, initialized during declaration.
  • Final variable, MAX_SPEED, initialized inside the constructor.
  • Final variable, MIN_SPEED, initialized inside the initialization block.
  • Javin

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