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An EJB application development involves three major stages,

  1. Development
  2. Deployment
  3. Administration.

Depending on the size and scale of the application, the responsibilities related to each of these stages can range from simple to complex. In a large organization, for each Read more…

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EJB is a Component Based Model

  • With EJB, you can develop “Reusable Chunks” – EJB Components; that developers from unrelated company can assemble it to construct their own application.
  • All application methods are placed into separate components so that all

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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is server-side component model of the Java platform for developing distributed enterprise applications.

It enables enterprises develop “secure, scalable, multi-platform, business-critical applications as server-side components”

The EJB specification is part of Java EE specification Read more…

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This tutorial provides a step-by-step installation guide for MySQL 5.5 on Windows.

Download MySQL

Depending on your operating system download the proper version of MySQL from the following link.


MSI Installer is recommended for beginners. Choose either 32-bit or Read more…

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By default JBoss AS 5 is the most recent, supported version in Eclipse IDE. You need an Eclipse server adapter for JBoss AS 6 or later and that’s what JBoss Tools provides.

Environment Used

  • Java SE 6
  • Eclipse Indigo (3.7.1)

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Environment Used:

  • Eclipse Indigo (3.7.1) IDE.
  • Java SE (JDK/JRE) 6.

Installing Java JDK/JRE

You will need Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) to use Eclipse. You can read this page to install JDK/JRE and then return here to continue the Eclipse Read more…

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Environment Used

  • Java SE 6 Update 29
  • Windows (XP/Vista/7) OS

Downloading Java Development Kit (JDK):

You can download latest version of JDK from this location


Click on the download link to go to the download page.

Download the JDK Read more…

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Whenever a user enters a date information, we get that as String type. There is a need to convert this String to java.util.Date Object.

Here is where, Java provides a class called SimpleDateFormat available in java.text package which allows for Read more…

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MySQL’s default DATE field format is


and DATETIME type is a date and time combination which stores data in



Whereas in Java, the Date class’ (available in java.util package) default format is,

dow mon dd hh:mm:ss

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