How to remove WordPress 3.3 Admin Toolbar in front end?

17 May 2012 By Praveen Macherla 1,041 views 2 Comments
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Not many like the admin bar at the top provided by WordPress. Even though in WordPress 3.3, admin bar being called toolbar is much better, viewing my website as a user, the toolbar adds some unneeded options and it doesn’t fit into the site in terms of look and feel. I do not mind the admin bar at the back-end especially for one reason – I use W3C total cache and the ‘Empty All Caches’ option is the only reason I have the toolbar at the back-end.

So how do we remove the toolbar only in the front end? There are lots of plugins available which can do this along with other options. But a simple and easy solution to remove it, is by using a wordpress function ‘show_admin_bar’.

We can call this function in the theme’s ‘functions.php’ file. Write the following line of code inside the php tags (<?php ?>)

show_admin_bar( false );

That’s it. On next refresh, the toolbar will not there in the front end of your site.

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  • Marilyn

    Thank you this works!!

  • Joseph Donth

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    I have been looking all over for this basic freakin function, THANKS!