Installing JBoss Tools in Eclipse

13 December 2011 By Praveen Macherla 52,958 views 15 Comments
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By default JBoss AS 5 is the most recent, supported version in Eclipse IDE. You need an Eclipse server adapter for JBoss AS 6 or later and that’s what JBoss Tools provides.

Environment Used

  • Java SE 6
  • Eclipse Indigo (3.7.1) IDE
  • JBoss Tools – Core 3.3 Final M5 for Eclipse Indigo (3.7.2)

Installing JDK

JDK should be installed with proper environment set up. Read this page for installing the JDK and setting up the environment.

Installing Eclipse IDE

Make sure you have Eclipse IDE installed. If you need to install Eclipse, you can read this page.

Online Installation (From Update Site)

Step 1:

You can install JBoss tools via update site, simply right-click the link (JBoss Tools – Core 3.3 Final M5 for Eclipse 3.7.2 under Stable Releases Development Milestones) and paste it into Eclipse’s “Update” or “Install New Software” manager as explained below.

Step 2:

JBoss Tools installation is fairly simple. Start Eclipse then go to:
Help -> Install New Software…

Copy this link (the same link from JBoss tools site) for the Stable Release latest development release of the Core tools into Eclipse and hit Enter.

Step 3:

When the site loads, select the features to install, or click the Select All button. For our requirement expand the “JBoss Web and Java EE Development” and select “JBossAS Tools” as shown below.

[x] Contact all update sites during install to find required software
might take sometime and this is optional.

Step 4:

Click Next to view Installation Details.

Step 5:

Click Next to agree the license terms, and click Finish.

Step 6:

If you get any warning message when installing, click OK to continue.

This will take few minutes to install the tools and once done restart the Eclipse.

Step 7:

Once JBoss Tools is installed, you will find JBoss AS 6 or later servers available in the Servers view.

Right click in Servers area -> New -> Server.

Here you will see list of servers that can be created in the installed Eclipse version. You will find JBoss AS 6 or later under “JBoss Community” as shown below.

Now we have successfully installed “JBoss AS tools” in Eclipse IDE.

Offline Installation (Download Archive)

Step 1

You can download the required version of JBoss Tools Update Zips (Archived Repos) for offline installation under the Downloads Section -> Stable Releases Development Milestones (Below screenshot not updated), but DO NOT UNPACK THEM into your Eclipse.

Step 2:

  • Open the Eclipse Update Manager (Help -> Install New Software… -> Add… -> Archive…).
  • Browse and select the downloaded zip file and click OK.
  • Follow from Step 2 of Online Installation (From Update Site).

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  • Chithra


    I did as mentioned in the mail (Online installation). But even after restarting the eclipse, i couldn’t find “Jboss 6″ under the servers. “JBoss Community” itself was not available. I tried changing the perspective to Jboss. That also didnt help.

    Can you help please. I am using eclipse indigo

  • Arivoli


    First, thanks for the detailed post.

    I am encoutering an error. Could you please help ?

    I am using “Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers, Version: Indigo Service Release 2
    Build id: 20120216-1857″.

    I am using “JBoss-6.1.0.Final”.

    I am trying to do the “Online installation” of JBoss Tools.

    In the “Available Software” dialog, I have tried the following 2 links for the “Work with” field:

    1) Development Milestones:

    2) Stable Releases:

    But they both failed. I got this error:

    “Unable to readh repository at
    No route to host:connect”

    Any ideas how to proceed further.

    I even tried the offline approach described here but in vain.

    - oli

    • Praveen Macherla

      Page updated with the latest JBoss tools update links. Please go through the same.

  • Bosco

    Thank you so much for the detail steps.It helped me a lot.I did both approaches and working fantastic.

    Your help is very much appreciated.


  • Arivoli

    Thanks a lot for updating the JBoss tools link. It works for me now! The detailed example is excellent !

    - oli

  • Wichit
  • Abhishek D

    I’m using Eclipse Juno. I installed JBoss AS 7 successfully via Eclipse itself, and I was able to see JBoss AS 7 in the list. Now the Dialog Box of Install repository asks for the path of the jBoss installation.

    I searched my entire computer, but could not find the path where it was installed. Any help in this regard will be great.

  • Omar

    You did not install JBoss 7 via Eclipse, you have installed only the tools to configure and use JBoss 7 in Eclipse. You need to download and install JBoss 7 (see

  • Abhishek D

    Thanks a lot Mr. Omar. That was my bad.

  • jagdish

    Thanks for your valuable info over jboss and eclipse, i am doing the installation, and everything is going smooth i hope it will do as expected, if not will come again on this page to checkout what missed out. Thanks again.

  • Techi

    Yeh.. Great. works fine. Thank you

  • Techi

    I hope you are using Eclipse. This is because it cannot connect to the internet. You have to configure the Network connection (proxy settings) under preferences. :)

  • Prabhat

    Unable to install Jboss tools for kepler…
    always getting a message..
    An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
    session context was:(profile=epp.package.jee, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
    Unable to read repository at
    Read timed out

    what should i do..?

  • Rommel Vega

    this explanation is for Eclipse Juno In Keppler its Similar i trying whit this URl:

    And selecting the link: “Sources zip of all JBoss Core Tools” -89MB then i will install

  • Vikash Kumar

    hello admin,
    please say about :-what is the default port of jboss and how can change it?