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  • The EJB 3.0 local client view is based on a plain old java interface (POJI) called a local business interface.
    • A local interface defines the business methods that are exposed to the client and that are implemented on the bean

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  • Only Stateless session beans and Singleton session beans may have web service clients.
  • To provide a webservice endpoint interface view for the client, the business interface of the bean should be annotated with @WebService.

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  • A local client is a client that is in the same JVM with the session bean that provides the local client view.
    • For example, EJB deployed in JBoss container and servlet client deployed in the SAME JBoss container.
  • A local

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  • A remote client of a session bean can be another enterprise bean deployed in the same or different container; or it can be an arbitrary Java program, such as an application, applet, or servlet.
    • For example, EJB deployed in JBoss

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  • For a client, a session object is a non-persistent object that implements some business logic running on the server.
  • A client never directly accesses instances of the session bean’s class.
  • A client accesses a session object through the session bean’s

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  • There must be atleast one business interface for a session bean.
    • The interface can be marked as @Remote, @Local or @WebService.
    • EJB 3.1 provides a no-interface view for the client in which the bean is not required to implement the

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Stateful session beans are appropriate if any of the following conditions are true.

  • The bean’s state represents the interaction between the bean and a specific client.
  • The bean needs to hold information about the client across method invocations.
  • The bean

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A session bean may be either:

  1. Stateless—the session bean instances contain no conversational state between methods; any instance can be used for any client.
  2. Stateful—the session bean instances contain conversational state which must be retained across methods and

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A Session Bean implements and encapsulates a business task that can be invoked programmatically by a client over local, remote, or web service client views.

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Environment Used

  • Java SE 6 Update 30
  • Ubuntu Linux version 11.10 32-bit

Downloading Java Development Kit (JDK):

You can download latest version of JDK from this location

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